Major Improvements

Over the years we have successfully brought many large scale improvements to our community. Most of the improvements are outside of the yearly menu money projects and have dramatically increased the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Below is a list of these projects.


Demolition of Lincoln Motel
5900 N. Lincoln Avenue – 2007
land now being utilized by the Peterson Garden Project

Demolition of Spa Motel and replaced with
20th District Police Station
5400 N. Lincoln Avenue – 2000

Demolition of Acres Motel and replaced with
Budlong Woods Public Library
5630 N. Lincoln Avenue – 2000

Demolition of Riverside Motel and replaced with
Legion Park Gateway and Fountain and extension of bike path
Lincoln and Peterson – 1999

Police and Fire

New 24th District Police Station
6464 N. Clark Street

New 20th District Police Station – 2002
5400 N. Lincoln Avenue

New Engine Company 70 – 2008
6030 N. Clark Street

Parks and Fountains

Legion Park Gateway Plaza Fountain and Extension of Bike Path – 1999
Corner of Lincoln & Peterson Avenues
Note: This site was formerly the location of the Riverside Motel

Peaches Memorial Fountain – 1998
5850 N. Ashland Avenue


Stephen T. Mather High School
5835 N. Lincoln Avenue
Natatorium – 1998
Renovation – 1994
New Library and Greenhouse – 2010

Northside Prep High School
5501 N. Kedzie Avenue
Built – 1999

Roger C. Sullivan
6631 N. Bosworth Avenue
Renovation and Improvements – 2004

Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School
5510 N. Christiana Avenue
Modulers – 2004

Lyman Trumbull Elementary School
5200 North Ashland Avenue
Renovation and Improvements – 2003

Lyman A. Budlong Elementary School
2701 W. Foster Avenue
New Annexes – 2006
Renovation and Improvements – 2006

Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
6700 N. Greenview Avenue
Addition – 1996
Campus Park – 1998
Play lot – 1999

Minnie Mars Jamieson Elementary School
5650 N. Mozart Street
Modulars – 2004
Renovation and Improvements – 2004

Stephan K. Hayt Elementary School
1518 W. Granville Avenue
Renovation – 1993
Addition – 1996
Upgraded Athletic Fields

Park District Improvements

Gross Park – New Playground and Fencing
River Park – New Playground
Schreiber Park – New Park
Mellon Playlot
Mather Interactive Water Park
Jacob Playlot


Devon Streetscape – Ravenswood to Clark
Bryn Mawr Streetscape – Kedzie to Bernard
Clark Streetscape and Median
Note: The streetscape project includes new sidewalks, paved crosswalks, street lights, decorative lamp posts, trees and tree grates as well as new trash receptacles and bike racks.

Lincoln Avenue Median – 2010
Devon to Catalpa – 3.3 million
Note: New lights, trees and tree grates as well as new trash bins and bike racks.

Businesses brought into our community

Target – 2006
1212 W. Peterson Avenue

Dominick’s Finer Foods – 2010
5230 N. Lincoln Avenue

Bank of America
Note: Installed Green Roof

Walgreens – Peterson Avenue

Tony’s Finer Foods

Porous Alleys

Berwyn, Balmoral, Sawyer and Kedzie
Devon, Highland, Greenview and Clark
Balmoral, Rascher, Damen and Hoyne
Arthur, Albion, Newgard and Glenwood

Community Garden

Peterson Victory Garden