Equal Rights

pattatPat believes that all citizens should be treated equally, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Endorsed by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Chicago and the father of four adult daughters, Pat supports equal opportunity and equal pay for women. Pat supports a woman’s right to choose and believes that every woman and child should have access to affordable healthcare. Pat led the fight for Chicago’s $13/hour minimum wage increase to help working and single mothers provide for their families.

A longtime supporter of LGBT rights, Pat supported the creation of the city’s LGBT Advisory Council and authored the city’s original human rights ordinance to protect members of the LGBT community. Pat supports increased funding for HIV/AIDS research, education and treatment as well as housing and social services for individuals affected by HIV. Pat will continue to work with the LGBT community to find new and creative ways to serve the LGBT homeless youth population in our neighborhoods.



40th Ward Alderman Patrick O'Connor